At B.A.B.S Firearms Training, our team encourages personal empowerment and a bold spirit among women through firearms training in a supportive setting that is safe, fun and completely free of pressure and politics. Whether you are totally new to firearms, are seeking to build on existing skills, wanting to feel more confident with general firearms safety, or are working on your "bucket list," our friendly female instructors will help you reach your goals. Training options include handgun, rifle, shotgun, responsible concealed carry classes, custom personal training packages, couples courses and private group events.



 B.A.B.S Firearms Training

 B.A.B.S Firearms Training

The safety of all participants is the number one value of the B.A.B.S Firearms Training team. B.A.B.S instructors use redundant safety systems and cross-checks during all activities, in the classroom and at the range. Students use the highest quality safety equipment and firearms simulators to build confidence before progressing to dry fire practice with actual firearms and ultimately, live fire training.  


B.A.B.S Firearms Training

B.A.B.S Firearms Training

Our classes are designed to build skills and bolster each woman's personal confidence in a pressure-free, supportive environment. Whether you're interested in basic firearms safety and operations, target shooting, sport shooting, personal defense, or you're just curious, B.A.B.S classes are a great place to start. Who knows where that new confidence could lead...


B.A.B.S Firearms Training

B.A.B.S Firearms Training

We like to think of shooting as being like yoga - with a bang...a balanced mental and physical exercise that helps us focus on the moment at hand, and drown out all of the distractions of our busy daily lives. B.A.B.S firearms classes give you a chance to network with other women in a fun, friendly environment. You may find a new hobby here, or just scratch another adventure off your "bucket list"!

Whether you’re a first timer like us, or just want to brush up on your safety and fundamentals with firearms, we strongly recommend taking Raina’s classes! We really appreciated the one-on-one, personal feel. We found the classroom setting very comfortable. I wasn’t even through her first 101 class before I had made up my mind to sign up for her second 102 class.

Prepare yourself for an educational joyride as Raina covers all the basics and beyond, with live demonstrations, photos and short video clips as part of her instruction of proper use of handguns, and ALWAYS STRESSING SAFETY! The classes were informative, enjoyable, and taught with great patience and delivered at a pace that was perfect for us. Ask all the questions you want - Raina is happy to answer them and I found those moments in her class very enlightening. I especially liked the live fire drills at the end of each class that helped fit us with the right handguns for our needs. I even put Raina to the test and had her fire off a few rounds! OMG, let’s just say she walks the walk!

The confidence, knowledge, techniques and skills we learned with our firearms and safe use of them will last a lifetime.
— Erik Jensen & Millie Shatava, WA

I can’t say enough about B.A.B.S and Raina Eshleman. Before I went to the Basic Firearms 101 class, I was afraid to be in the same room with a firearm, But, with the expert instruction provided by Raina, I can now safely and confidently operate my handgun. I really appreciated Raina’s diligence regarding safety first, as well as her obvious expertise and love of teaching. The class is a ‘must’ for any woman who wants to learn gun safety and how to have confidence handling a firearm. I highly recommend B.A.B.S Firearms Training, and I’ll be back for another class soon!
— Vanessa Amundson, Camas, WA

I was really impressed with Raina’s concise and professional instruction. Her willingness to answer questions and explain things thoroughly and in an easy to understand language, made the class interesting and engaging. I really enjoyed the range session as well, and felt confident and safe under Raina’s instruction. A very fun day! I would definitely recommend B.A.B.S for anyone who wants to learn more about guns and gun safety, in a comfortable and welcoming setting. Raina rules!
— Chris G., NW Portland

My fiance`and I had a private couples class with Raina, and it couldn’t have been more interesting, informative and fun! Clear instruction, positive reinforcement, it was an all-around great way to spend a Sunday. We would highly recommend her 101 course, for anyone who wants to familiarize, improve upon, and “arm themselves” with a solid foundation of basic handgun handling and safety. Looking forward to 102, thanks Raina!
— Jonathan E., Clackamas

I can’t recommend B.A.B.S and Raina highly enough. As a military wife, I am no stranger to guns, but I hated shooting them. I felt scared and had no confidence in my ability to protect myself with my gun. After taking the 101 class with Raina, I have done a 180 - she does an amazing job of making women feel safe and confident in handling a gun. It was such an amazing environment for a woman to learn in. Raina teaches you not just to shoot, but all the details of how a gun works, and what every little part does. She teaches you everything you need to know. I shot a whole box of ammunition myself today, and had fun! I NEVER thought that would happen for me. Thank you for providing such an invaluable service Raina! I feel so much safer in my own home.
— Erica Thana

I can’t say enough about Raina Eshleman and her B.A.B.S program - She is a born teacher. I went into her class having never touched a handgun and left feeling like ‘Dirty Harry’! I love how she stressed safety and her knowledge of guns and shooting is phenomenal. Thank you Raina, I’m signing up for more training today!
— Rene` Steelman