North Fork / Wolf Creek Reduced Impact Shooting Lanes Now Open to the Public!

We are thrilled to announce the completion of the North Fork / Wolf Creek Reduced Impact Shooting Lanes, now open to the public!

I was honored to have been asked a few months ago by the Oregon Department of Forestry to work as a consultant on their new project to reduce forest damage, wildfires, lead contamination, garbage dumping and unsafe conditions caused by unauthorized recreational shooting in our majestic forests.

I toured some of the 500+ unauthorized shooting sites found in the Tillamook Forest, and was appalled at the prevalence and complexity of this problem behavior, including live trees literally shot to the ground, and shooters firing without a backstop, sending bullets right over hiking, ATV and equestrian trails.

I was excited to have been asked to contribute my ideas on intuitive firing range design that incorporate the cardinal rules of firearms safety, and will make our forests safer for people enjoying all forms of outdoor recreation responsibly.

The lanes are located at mile post 35 off Hwy. 26, and there is a sign reading, "North Fork / Wolf Creek." After turning off Hwy. 26, take the second spur road to the right and up a hill, and you'll see the first of the four shooting bays on your left. Each bay is designed slightly differently, and there is a turn-around at the end of the lane.

Please help us spread the word about this great project, so we can potentially expand it across our state and national forests!

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