New Course Available: Safe & Sound Concealed Carry

So, you have your Concealed Handgun what? 

Our Safe & Sound Concealed Carry class will prepare you to make take safe action and use sound decision making skills regarding concealed carry. We provide you a framework to evaluate over a dozen different methods of concealed carry based on safety, security, accessibility and concealability. We provide you with practical, real-world training applications of concealed carry, including situational awareness and applicable Oregon state laws regarding the use of a firearm for concealed carry and personal defense. By course completion, you will have found several methods of concealed carry that will be effective based on your personal lifestyle, your wardrobe, and your physical abilities. 

Our Safe & Sound Concealed Carry class will prepare you make safe and sound decisions with your concealed firearm as a trained, educated, and responsible citizen. 

Course dates for Safe & Sound Concealed Carry are available on our Course Schedule & Registration page, and are denoted as "Women Only" or "Co-Ed." Additional dates for you and your private group or couple are available by email request.