What you can expect from B.A.B.S... 

  • The B.A.B.S Firearms Training Team will always put your safety first, and will lead by example with regard to safety in the classroom and at the range
  • We will provide high-quality training that is easy to understand - no ego, just information
  • We will model responsible citizenship with firearms at all times 
  • We will provide a fun, friendly, inclusive and affirming environment free of judgement, politics and pressure 
  • We encourage student questions and group discussion, and we will always strive to provide you with accurate, up-to-date information 
  • We will always be positive, encouraging and, as much as possible, will allow each student to progress at their own comfortable pace 
  • We will provide all equipment indicated in each course description, and all such equipment will be clean and well-maintained 
  • You can expect a truly enjoyable day learning new skills, challenging notions you may have had about your abilities, and networking with other women in a pleasant environment

What B.A.B.S expects from you... 

  • The B.A.B.S Firearms Training Team expects each student to arrive on-time with a positive attitude and an open mind - ready to participate fully and challenge herself with exciting new skills and knowledge 
  • We expect each student to be supportive of all other participants and to help us create and maintain a fun, friendly and encouraging culture of empowerment and education among women
  • The B.A.B.S Firearms Training Team will offer information, skills and techniques that may be totally new or different from a student's  prior experiences with firearms. We expect each student to keep an open mind and at least give B.A.B.S methods a try in order to increase their skill set
  • B.A.B.S expects full compliance with all safety policies and procedures at all times